Gold ‘n grey

16 10 2019


Wandering Skywalker pauses on his path to watch a band in the very last spread of light over Spring Creek Basin. Just a moment later, he continued on.

As I was leaving the basin, I saw him approaching another band.

Who knows where the paths of wild ones lead? Who knows what we learn when we watch the paths they follow?



3 responses

16 10 2019
Sue Story

😍 He just gets more handsome every year. Someday he will have a band of his own…personally, I find him irresistable!

18 10 2019

I think so, too. 🙂 He’s still kind of a wanderer. Just a day previously, he had been with his bachelor pals. One of these days, he’ll settle down with a family of his own. 😉

24 10 2019

Oh my, I agree! He is such a guy!

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