Pretty in red

11 09 2019


Did someone say lovely? 🙂

Speaking of lovely, Disappointment Valley got some much-needed rain yesterday! A handful of waves of sweet-smelling rain left puddles and created rills of running water and gave vegetation the drink for which it has been waiting too long. Hopefully it’s an omen for a better autumn.



6 responses

11 09 2019

Lovely is an accurate summary of that view.

11 09 2019
Marytherese Ambacher

Wonderful! All sounds good and look at the gorgeous nature including 4 legged!!

11 09 2019
Karen Schmiede

Lovely, indeed! Glad you got rain!

11 09 2019
Sue Story

So happy to hear you and the ponies had rain out there, TJ! After that horrific summer, we’re back to D1… already. 😣

11 09 2019

She is a beauty! I hope you get some more rain TJ. I hope we get some rain – any. It keeps bypassing us and some of our larger trees are beginning to suffer. 😦

12 09 2019

Let it rain!

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