Buckskin storm

8 08 2019


The very loveliest Kestrel stops to pose amid sunflowers against a stormy sky. Her band was grazing their way to the top of this little ridge that Kestrel reached first, and she had paused to wait for them.



6 responses

8 08 2019

Beautiful capture.

8 08 2019
Lynn and Kathy

Oh, this shot is REALLY good! Of course, Kestrel is gorgeous no matter where she is!!

9 08 2019
Sue Story

What a vision she is with her sunflower bouquet! Such a great photo, TJ!

12 08 2019

What a beauty!

15 08 2019

LOVE this mare. Is she still with Comanche?

15 08 2019

Yes. 🙂 For all I hear about “instability” in herds where we’re using PZP, our herd is pretty “stable.” Some people – even some who profess to understand wild horse behavior – seem to forget or disregard the dynamic, NORMAL mobility of wild horses within herds, from band to band. That said, Kestrel and her beau, Comanche, have been together for at least 10 years now. 🙂

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