5 06 2019

Skywalker; Temple Butte and McKenna Peak

Skywalker the fabulous was walking across this open area, starting from fairly close to my left and angling away because of the band (and stallion) he’s looking at in the pic above. I thought I’d catch him walking in a good stride between McKenna Peak (right) and Temple Butte but was lamenting the fact that he was basically walking away.

And then he stopped.

And looked – posed, if you will.


Skywalker really is a Jedi with mind powers. 🙂



5 responses

5 06 2019
Sue Story

He just gets more gorgeous with each passing year! As always – be still my heart! 😍

5 06 2019

❤ ❤

5 06 2019
Karen Schmiede

The force is with Him!

5 06 2019
Penny Edwards

Ever since I met Skywalker through a youthful canvas rendition of him by Alice Billings, I’ve been enchanted by him. His portrait hangs in my home. From the change of chestnut youthful color to his silvery adult coat, he captivated me
with the freedom of his existence in wonderful Spring Creek Basin Refuge!

7 06 2019

Of course he is!

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