She makes us happy

10 05 2019


In the few weeks since this photo of Puzzle was taken, much of the snow on the hills in the background has melted, giving way to green grass under those far pines.

Those hills lead to an area locally known as The Glade, south of Spring Creek Basin and at higher altitude. We’re still reaping the benefits of that high-country snow in the form of creeks flowing down to our low(er) country.



3 responses

10 05 2019
Sue Story

The Glade. The source of precious water and the place where my mom rests. It warms my heart that it overlooks Spring Creek Basin and our beautiful mustangs! 😊

10 05 2019

Moisture, green grass equals happy healthy horses.

10 05 2019
Teresa Irick

I love her black ankle socks!😉

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