So white, so perfect

24 02 2019

Maia and Alegre

Our moisture prayers are being answered this winter. All that white now means more green and more water in ponds and creeks and seeps and springs this summer.




3 responses

24 02 2019

So grateful for you, the horses,our BLM, winter wonderland.

24 02 2019
Sue Story

You are so right, TJ. We are so very grateful for this winter’s moisture and an answer to our prayers! Looking forward to some green out there come spring – a gift for us and the mustangs! 😊

24 02 2019

This is winter as it should be! I can’t even begin to articulate how grateful I am this winter to have this moisture. It’s good for ALL of nature’s wild critters! When summer comes this year, I will remember the snow! 🙂

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