Snow white

28 01 2019


Pure as the driven snow, Miss Piedra. 🙂


Out here, government employees aren’t nameless and faceless, one or more of the 800,000 workers adversely affected by the government shutdown. They’re our partners, they’re members of our communities. They visit our local farmers markets, and their kids and our kids are classmates. We work together for common goals.

Yesterday, as I was driving out of Spring Creek Basin, our lead BLM law-enforcement ranger, Tyler, was headed into the basin, in uniform and driving his BLM vehicle. He and his law-enforcement fellows have been required to be on the job – without pay – but I know him and others like him well enough to know that it is at least moral duty, not simply required duty. It’s a duty to protect the resources of our local community, which, in our case (as in most across the West), is large, wide and sprawling, not easily connected.

And yet, on the Sunday before government resumes operations, Tyler was in Disappointment Valley, headed toward Spring Creek Basin, checking on our mustangs and the range that sustains them.

We ARE connected. And we’re grateful for our neighbors. We hope the (temporary) return to business is for the good of all our government-employed neighbors.



5 responses

28 01 2019
Maggie Frazier

I felt so bad for all of the people who were affected by this idiocy. Cannot imagine being required to work for no pay & no way to pay my bills! The fact that the guys who care for your mustangs DO care so much & continued to do their jobs thru this truly says what kind of human beings they are, doesnt it? And there were thousands like them – who did the same. I hope there is some finality to this episode of petulance! Pulling this kind of crap & apparently not having a clue that it affects 800,000 PEOPLE and their families AND all those contractors & businesses that depend upon them? I dont have the words!

28 01 2019
Karen Schmiede

How pretty !

28 01 2019
Sue Story

How grateful we are for these federal workers who are a part of and committed to our local communities, come what may. It is one of the greatest examples of honor under pressure.

28 01 2019

Agreed. 🙂

29 01 2019

Good for BLM, good for you, TJ.

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