Snow babies

1 01 2019

Madison and Temple

Madison and Temple don’t let a little snow phase them. They’re designed by Mother Nature to take everything Old Man Winter can throw at them! And we hope the old man sticks around this winter ‘cuz we sure need the moisture!

As of around 5 p.m. last night, we had about 5 inches of snow, and it was STILL coming down. 🙂

Happy New Year!

May 2019 bring moisture and all things good to our wild ones.



7 responses

1 01 2019

Thank goodness for snow.

1 01 2019
Maggie Frazier

About time! Out here its rain & 40s again – in NY in January! So glad you got some moisture finally.

1 01 2019
Sue Story

Happy New Year, TJ. And how great is that – a photo of mustangs in the snow! Been a long time coming.

1 01 2019
Marytherese Ambacher

Wonderful! Wishing all wild and human the greatest of new year. Be safe. Love, Peace and Protection to all!

1 01 2019
Karen Schmiede

Happy New Year to all. Hope the snow keeps up.

1 01 2019
Lynn and Kathy

Maybe we did our snow dances a bit too enthusiastically this time?!?
Anyway, wishing you a Happy New Year!!

1 01 2019
Carla Hawks

Happy New Year from Central California!

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