Looking ahead

16 11 2018


Juniper steps up from the bottom of an arroyo where she and her band drank from a seep.

Where it’s dry, it’s terribly dry. Praying for Californians …



5 responses

16 11 2018

The Basin needs some rain rain or snow! Horses look good!

16 11 2018
Carla Hawks

Yes, i have friends that lost everything in the Malibu fire. Very sad.

16 11 2018
Maggie Frazier

Cant imagine what those folks have been going thru. The extremes between one side of the country and the other is hard to believe. ALL the rain we have had – and then to see the dryness on the West Coast – it boggles the mind. To lose everything – not just material things – but family, friends, animals. It is so terrifying.

16 11 2018
Marytherese Ambacher

Thoughts and prayers of love, peace and protection going forward for all out West and moisture for Colorado!!

16 11 2018
Sue Story

We mourn with Californians in their catastrophic losses. Things have been – and are – bad here, but not yet like the losses these people endure. Glad there are still “seeps” out there, TJ. And those clever mustangs know where they are! Hoping for some significant moisture…been saying that for over a year. 😦

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