A little yellow flash

14 10 2018

Little yellow bird

Possibly the worst bird photo ever.

But I LOVE that eye!

This little bird – possibly an immature yellow warbler? – fluttered down to the ground behind where I was sitting, watching a band of horses. When I turned around to determine the cause of the soft ruckus, this little beauty was hopping on the ground … then flew up to a sagebush. Of course, it managed to alight on the far side of the stalks, where it watched me watching it. 🙂 Love these littlest gifts from heaven.

When it flew away, I swear it did somersaults. Even Sundance turned to watch with what I can only assume was immense admiration.



2 responses

14 10 2018
Sue Story

Definitely not “the worst bird photo ever!” And I’m with you, TJ, those “littlest gifts from heaven” can give us the greatest moments in our lives. I love that eye too! 😊

18 10 2018
Lynn and Kathy

Well, we searched our copy of Sibley’s and we think this is a female Yellow-rumped warbler (definitely not a Yellow Warbler). Still, a really great shot! It takes someone who really “sees” nature to notice such a beautiful critter! Well done!

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