Black and white against the grey (smoke)

1 08 2018


The air over Southwest Colorado is terribly smoky.

Plateau Fire – 2,800 acres, 5 percent contained; started July 22 in Dolores County.

West Guard Fire – 1,405 acres, 80 percent contained; it also started July 22, straight south of Spring Creek Basin in Dolores County.

Bull Draw Fire – 2,800 acres; started July 29 northwest of Nucla, which is north of Spring Creek Basin in Montrose County.

We may also be getting smoke from wildfires farther west. The hot and dry weather continues.

In good news, at least some of the ponds in Spring Creek Basin that had gone dry this summer have water again from some sprinkles (harder in some places than others) we’ve gotten, and some grass finally is growing.



2 responses

1 08 2018

More rain so the fires will stop. Glad the grass greens up so fast with a little bit of water!

2 08 2018
Sue Story

Glad the “sprinkles” have sent a little water to the ponds. The smoke is terrible here – sometimes only 5 mile visibility. šŸ˜¦

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