Skywalker on the frozen planet

25 02 2018


Look at all that lovely summer green.

What, you ask?!

All that winter white means summer green (or least not as brown as it could be). And that is why, every single time it snows (or rains), we are so, so, SO very grateful.

We humans look forward, but the mustangs live in the moment. And right now, they don’t have to go far for a “drink” while they graze. They slurp as they nibble. 🙂



3 responses

25 02 2018

Look at him getting more gray all the time. Love the image of nibbling grass and snow. I used to watch with wonder my horse eating the grass.

25 02 2018
Sue Story

I’m loving that snow, TJ! And my boy Skywalker looks a bit darker again with all of that white! He is such a looker.

26 02 2018

Skywalkers face looks like he has been playing pretty hard…
Hurray for snow and moisture! Thanks TJ as always!

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