22 01 2018

S'aka and Skywalker

A couple of days ago, we had temperatures in the 60s. Yesterday, we got snow!

The air temperature was right around the freezing mark, but the stiff west wind made conditions pretty darn chilly. Most of the horses were finding low places, out of that wind. And that made them hard to find by seeking humans. 🙂

S’aka and Skywalker were the only ones I managed to find in all the wide Spring Creek Basin. Well worth braving the snow and wind!



6 responses

22 01 2018

I love the boys braving the weather together. They look good.

22 01 2018
Maggie Frazier

They do look good! We are getting your rain off & on right now! Rather have snow.

22 01 2018

Hurray for the snow!! Love seeing the 2 together, thanks for sharing.

22 01 2018

You are tough for braving that weather!!!!

22 01 2018

Remember the longer fleece “gator” you gave me a couple of Christmases ago? I wrapped that around my neck and head during my three-hour hike, but the wind kept whipping it off. Good thing I also was wearing my silk wildrag (thanks, Uncle Tom!) and those ear muffs you also gave me. 🙂

23 01 2018
Sue Story

Two of my favorite boys right there! 🙂

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