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7 11 2017


Elder Bounce moves along with his band. He’s no longer the band stallion, but he has the respect OF the band stallion, and so his family is Bounce’s family.

And all is right with their world.




8 responses

7 11 2017
Maggie Frazier

Has to be quite sad to see a former band stallion removed from his job! How usual is it that one will be allowed to stay with a band? That’s so much better than being alone – especially as family-oriented as they are. Glad for Bounce.

10 11 2017

It seems to be more about how tenacious a former band stallion is in wanting to stay with the band.

7 11 2017

We could all learn to respect our elders from the mustangs!

7 11 2017
Maggie Frazier

Aint that the truth, Pat!

7 11 2017
Sue Story

What Pat said.

7 11 2017

I just love this guy ❤

8 11 2017
E. Puller Lanigan

What a great guy! Who took over his band?

10 11 2017

He’s with Tenaz’s band.

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