Pretty perfect pintos

9 10 2017

Spirit and Puzzle

Puzzle and Spirit graze contentedly on a perfect Spring Creek Basin evening.



5 responses

9 10 2017
Karen Schmiede

Love the pintos!

9 10 2017
Maggie Frazier

More salt wells horses gone – 66 rounded up – 6 supposed to be returned? Many of these horses are curlys! Just wrong!

9 10 2017

I’ve read a couple of Carol Walker’s blog posts. 😦 Heartbreaking. What we do to our animals reflects us as people …

9 10 2017

Hi, I just wanted to say how blown away I am by your devotion to these horses and also the stunning quality of your photography. Thank you for all that you do for these creatures!

Question: is there any video available of Bounce showing his suspension and why you gave him that name? Also, you say his type is different from the others—what would you guess his heritage includes?

Thank you!

9 10 2017

Thank you. These amazing mustangs are pretty special to me. 🙂 No video; I’m just a still shooter. He had quite a bit of lift – suspension – bounce – as a young(er) stallion. He’s wearing his age more these days, but he’s still a favorite! He always just seemed to have some refinement; he stood out among many handsome horses!

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