Those eyes

19 09 2017

Hayden and Kwana

Hayden and Kwana discuss the solutions to the problems of the world.

They agreed to leave each other alone.




6 responses

19 09 2017

Ah ,the lessons to be learned!

19 09 2017

melts my heart!! Love Peace and Protection to ALL!!

19 09 2017
Kimberly Airhart

When God created the Horse, He wanted man to see, Beauty and strength embodied, A Spirit running FREE! Oh noble, magnificent creature, With your family by your side, You are a reminder of freedoms true meaning, Throughout history and time. Your eyes reveal your nature, Curiosity, but trusting few, For your trust has been betrayed by man, Your flesh and life abused. Oh Horse look deep into my eyes, As they are windows of my Soul, Not all mankind is evil, We will prove this so. Live and thrive upon this Earth protected by God’s great hand, For in the end, The Horse will remain, No longer slaughtered by man.

19 09 2017
Sue Story

This is good – no dust-ups today! And yes, TJ – “those eyes.” 🙂

28 09 2017
E. Puller Lanigan

Wasn’t Kwana a grey and white foal with blue eyes? Now he has greyed out but kept those blue eyes?

28 09 2017

Kwana was born bay with blue eyes and has greyed out – though much sooner/earlier/younger than most of our greys. You might be thinking of Skywalker, who was born black and white and is greying out. But he doesn’t have blue eyes.

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