Happy anniversary to my folks!

16 08 2017

Love birds

Congratulations to my mom and dad, Nancy and Dave, for 48 years of wedded bliss!

They were horse-crazy kids and met showing horses as 4-H’ers. They grew up in Ohio, traveled the world at the behest of Uncle Sam, and now have lived in Texas longer than they spent in Ohio or globe-trotting. And of course – of course! – they still have horses. And cows and two of the cutest cowdogs on the planet. 🙂 And they’re pretty much the awesomest parents ever. Of course!

Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad!!!!!!!!!!!!



6 responses

16 08 2017
Maggie Frazier

Congratulations to your mom & dad – 48 years is quite remarkable – in todays world!

16 08 2017

I am happy for all of you!

16 08 2017

Happy Anniversary!!!
And Congratulations!!!

17 08 2017

Thanks, Tom!

16 08 2017
Karen Schmiede

Happy Anniversary to TJ’s Mom and Dad!

17 08 2017

Thank you all!

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