Happy (belated) birthday to my dad!

11 08 2017


Happy birthday to my dad – a day late!

I had to schedule a few posts while gone from home, and I failed to take into account the *dates* of the days coming up (doh!). So slightly late but never forgotten, props to my dad, who is one of my main inspirations when it comes to horses. 🙂

He and my mom visited recently, with an uncle and cousin (on my mom’s side), and we all had a wonderful time together. The welcome rain made it hard to get out to see the mustangs, but we did spend time with horses!



5 responses

11 08 2017

Happy birthday David.

11 08 2017
Karen Schmiede

Happy Birthday TJ’s Dad. Hope you have many more!

11 08 2017
Sue Story

Happy birthday to your Dad, TJ.

11 08 2017

When I first saw Sundance, I saw an amazing soul – I am sure this is also true of your Dad!!

12 08 2017

Thanks for the birthday wishes! TJ’s Dad

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