It’s the blue eyes

4 08 2017


How do you spell a catcall whistle? 🙂

I mean, really! Right?!

Young Kwana is a handsome boy!

A yearling colt from one band was playing with a stallion from another band when Kwana decided that he was being left out of the fun and trotted over to join the game.




4 responses

4 08 2017
Sue Story

Beautiful Mr. Blue Eyes – who wouldn’t want him to join in their “games.” 🙂

7 08 2017

Interesting he is not all beat up like Seven. I guess cause he’s young. So beautiful.

7 08 2017

Seven has more than a decade on Kwana. 🙂 Some greys (remember Steeldust?) show their scars more prominently than others.

8 08 2017

Never want to be left out!

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