It’s the blue eyes

4 08 2017


How do you spell a catcall whistle? 🙂

I mean, really! Right?!

Young Kwana is a handsome boy!

A yearling colt from one band was playing with a stallion from another band when Kwana decided that he was being left out of the fun and trotted over to join the game.



6 responses

4 08 2017
Sue Story

Beautiful Mr. Blue Eyes – who wouldn’t want him to join in their “games.” 🙂

7 08 2017

Interesting he is not all beat up like Seven. I guess cause he’s young. So beautiful.

7 08 2017

Seven has more than a decade on Kwana. 🙂 Some greys (remember Steeldust?) show their scars more prominently than others.

8 08 2017

Never want to be left out!

19 01 2018
Diane Muller

I can’t believe how well groomed he looks. Our Shadow has hair on his legs and pretty scruffy looking. They do remind me of each other.

19 01 2018

This photo was taken in August. 🙂

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