Too cool to move

30 04 2017

Hollywood and Shane, La Sal Mountains

Battling stallions?! That phrase always makes me laugh when photographers tout that as part of their photo tours of wild horses. Sure, it happens. But this – snoozing quietly with their mares on windy, sunny, warm days in the springtime – is the rule. When they’re not quietly grazing along, of course. ๐Ÿ™‚

Disappointment Valley (of which Spring Creek Basin is a part) got random rain drops and graupel (tiny little frozen snow balls) drops recently … but nothing stuck (some did, briefly, on the higher ridges that ring Spring Creek Basin), and it didn’t carry much moisture. Still, it’s spring, and hope springs eternal in Spring Creek Basin.




3 responses

30 04 2017
Sue Story

Snoozing beats battling any day! I’m with them. ๐Ÿ™‚

30 04 2017

Not a fan of battling photos.

1 05 2017
Kerry O'Brien

Great comment. My personal experience is that there is a lot of cooperation between stallions. At least the smart ones. I’ve seen many, many blended bands that come together and visit, and like most wild animals, energy conservation is crucial. Unless a strong stallion is actively building a harem, it’s been my experience that skirmishes are very short lived, just getting a bachelor into line and that a good 18 hrs a day is spent walking and eating, walking and eating, even through the night. Love the stripes on that guy.

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