5 03 2017

Hollywood, exclosure, La Sal Mountains

Hollywood is gearing up for vegetation-monitoring season. 🙂

That’s one of our exclosures, used to measure ungrazed – excluded – vegetation inside the small fenced area vs. outside, where the horses and other wildlife graze. Doesn’t look a whole lot different, eh? As part of our management, we monitor the health of Spring Creek Basin’s vegetation, measuring it in a variety of ways. Last year, I helped a couple of interns in the spring, then did more sites in the fall. Our herd manager tallies the results. This year, a team of specialists will visit the basin, and we’re eager to hear what they have to say.

And those are part of the La Sal Mountains in the background. Lots of good snow there!




2 responses

5 03 2017

It’s kind of funny he is standing in front of a fence out in the land so open!

5 03 2017
Sue Story

The “grass is always greener”…or not! This is good, TJ. The mustangs don’t seem to be eating themselves out of healthy range. I love Hollywood’s expression – like he may be thinking: “Really?” 🙂

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