Little heartbreaker

10 02 2017


The camera loves this little mesteno. 🙂 What’s not to love?!



6 responses

10 02 2017

So true, what is not to LOVE – especially the fact that he is wild!! Thanks TJ

10 02 2017

Exactly! 🙂 Perfectly said!!

10 02 2017
Karen Schmiede

What a great looking boy!

10 02 2017

Isn’t he? 🙂 He has nooooooo idea he’s so tiny.

10 02 2017
Sue Story

The camera loves him and so do I! He is such a cutie and has quite the attitude – like you said, TJ, he has no idea he’s a little guy!

12 02 2017

Lovely against that fabulous background!

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