Bright spots

3 02 2017

Maia and Hollywood

Hollywood and Maia provide spots of color in an otherwise drab day. From this vantage, we could look completely across and beyond Spring Creek Basin.




6 responses

3 02 2017

That is a long view!

3 02 2017

And a peaceful one. 🙂

3 02 2017
Sue Story

I like the way they are giving you “the look,” TJ! This is such a great photo – a winter portrait for sure.

3 02 2017

Photographers say “don’t forget to look behind you,” so maybe the ponies are taking that advice. Ha!

3 02 2017

absolutely gorgeous! My mom loves to say that Colorado is God’s country. Since that is where she grew up I think she might be prejudiced, but still, she has a point! With those two mustangs there it sure looks fabulous.

3 02 2017

Your mom is NOT biased. She’s absolutely correct! 🙂 It’s pretty fabulous, and the mustangs make it magic!

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