That look

11 01 2017


My gosh, isn’t she gorgeous? Mariah in all her mustang-ness is a classic beauty.

(Moment of photo-geekiness: Do you love the snow bokeh in the background? Delicious.)

This post is dedicated to my friend Roy, who named Mariah when she was a baby. 🙂



7 responses

11 01 2017
Prairie girl

Mariah’s coloring has to be the prettiest ever. And that face!
Complete with a tangle of a burr.

11 01 2017

Such a beauty in the wild!

11 01 2017

Your said it TJ, gorgeous!! What a way to start my day, thanks

11 01 2017
Karen Schmiede

She really is lovely.

11 01 2017
Kathryn Wilder

You know how much I love her and she is (almost) exactly who I needed to see today, in this moment. Thank you!!!

11 01 2017
Sue Story

She is such a beauty with her snow-white face to go with the snow-white background of a January Spring Creek Basin. Great photo, TJ!

11 01 2017

She is stunning! Love that grey body, dark mane and white face!

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