Sometimes …

11 12 2016

Plane over Spring Creek Basin (Filly Peak).

Do you see it?

Plane over Spring Creek Basin.

The horses all did.

Four bands were all around me, and two others were at a bit of a distance. At least two more bands were in the vicinity, but I couldn’t see them from where I was at the time. The pilot flew out of our sight around Knife Edge …

Plane over Spring Creek Basin.

Then came right straight back over us.

Fortunately, it wasn’t a helicopter, and apparently the horses didn’t remember their trauma from another plane before and during the roundup five years ago. They were calm enough that they didn’t run at all (though they sure watched it closely).

Maybe the pilot was a little surprised to see a two-legged critter pointing a big white lens in his/her direction as the plane flew over my head. … S/he headed south away from the basin, then back north over the basin, but farther west of us.

Sometimes, I wonder what the heck people are thinking. It must be amazing to see this area from the sky … but give the wildlife a break and keep your distance above the ground!



4 responses

11 12 2016
Kathryn Wilder

Good grief–really? You could have thrown a rock and hit ’em! Glad the horses didn’t spook as they did last time, as they have in the past.

11 12 2016
Sue Story

Glad you were there TJ with your camera lens blinking reflected light at them. Thank goodness the horses were calm, but for pete’s sake, people are just thoughtless. I bet you scared them off and I say: good for you! Next time, take a slingshot! 🙂

11 12 2016

Yes, it’s interesting. We have 3 mustangs two from the Spring Creek roundups, 2005 and 2007.
We were thinking that they might be jumpy with low flying objects when we’re riding them, like those hobby planes. But no, doesn’t phase them.

13 12 2016

I bet the person in the plane was shocked to see you, a camera in tow, pointed at the numbers on the bottom side of the plane.
Come on folks don’t scare the horses. This is their home!

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