Can’t be bothered

11 10 2016

Meteor, yearling colt in Star's band.

Meteor, yearling colt in Star’s band: Um. Trying to nap here.

He was so bothered – not – that I was able to walk all the way around him (giving him a respectful wide berth) to photograph his big hunky daddy (?) from several angles, and then move on to another nearby band. He never rose from his nap, watched over faithfully by Star and his mare, Meteor’s mama. 🙂

Isn’t he super cute?!



5 responses

11 10 2016

Trust. You have learned how to be non threatening over years .

11 10 2016

Ha – I’ve always been non-threatening around horses! Some *people* might find me vaguely threatening … if/when they threaten my horses. 😉

11 10 2016
Karen Schmiede

He really is super cute!

11 10 2016

He is such a gorgeous boy!

11 10 2016
Sue Story

He is such a beauty, TJ, and I agree with Pat – I think horses know when they can trust somebody!

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