Seeing spots

9 10 2016

Flashy pinto colt and sorrel stallion in Sand Wash Basin.

Are you noticing a theme? The pintos in Sand Wash Basin are flashy and splashy and gorgeous!

That’s filly Braley, granddaughter of the one and only Picasso. Just at right is her band stallion (and sire?) Voodoo.

Don’t you love the spots even in her little blaze??



5 responses

9 10 2016
Prairie girl

She’s a DREAM. 🙂

9 10 2016

Seeing spots was the theme yesterday for sure!
Lovely markings with depth of color. Voodoo, perfect for this time of year!

9 10 2016
Sue Story

Pintos of every “spot”! 🙂 What a wonderful collection of pinto ponies they have up there and what great photos of them all, TJ!

9 10 2016
Karen Schmiede

They really are so pretty. I love pintos!

14 10 2016
Marilyn Colyer

This is an amazing giraffe coloration. What a striking horse!

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