Family arrangement

3 10 2016


Mama horse had her own ideas of how her family portrait should be arranged, and the young guy on the right wasn’t part of her plan.


Clearly, the grey boy at left has won this lady’s favor. 🙂



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3 10 2016

Wonderful photos! This was hysterical. That grey looks awfully young….is he? Who is the mare, splashy foal, grey and chestnut?

3 10 2016

Unfortunately, I don’t know the identity of any of the horses. The grey stallion does look young, and as flashy as the colt is, the grey probably isn’t his sire. They were very accommodating for their admiring crowd. 🙂

3 10 2016
Prairie girl

Hahaha! Hilarious TJ!
What a group! Clearly she was not going to have it.
But, I kinda liked that boy…. 😉

3 10 2016

There were two more young bachelors apparently following along … waiting their turn to catch the lady’s eye. 🙂

3 10 2016

Beautiful photo and story. TJ, I do not understand – the mustangs look healthy, the land expansive, why the planned bait-trapping operation – especially after BLM not knowing what to do with the 4,000 plus captive mustangs???

3 10 2016
Kathryn Wilder

GREAT photos, and the ponies do look great! But Sand Wash Basin is still hundreds of horses over the AML, right? Which is why removal may be deemed necessary–to keep more horses and the range in good shape. I’m soooo glad they’re bait trapping and then allowing removed horses to go to GEMS–that’s as good as removal can get!

3 10 2016

Correct. Whether the AML is scientifically correct is a matter for some debate, but many (thousands of?) sheep also graze the area as they move through in spring and fall. And it’s better to seek population balance when the horses are in good shape rather than let them – and the range upon which they depend – get to poor condition.

The BLM-GEMS partnership in the case of Sand Wash Basin might be precedent-setting, and as Kat said, it’s a definite win-win for the HORSES. If I haven’t previously explained, GEMS is Great Escape Mustang Sanctuary, and it supports Sand Wash Advocate Team, members of which are darting with fertility control in the field and keeping track of all the gorgeous mustangs there. Those folks are innovative and creative in their approaches to keeping wild horses wild, and they are setting the bar high for the rest of us to follow!

4 10 2016

Love that!

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