Sunset studly

16 09 2016


What a great sunset. 🙂



7 responses

16 09 2016

Good one of a horse that is free.

16 09 2016

beautiful, thank God no one can take the sun away from us!

16 09 2016

I should have so no human

16 09 2016
Karen Schmiede


16 09 2016
Sue Story

Thanks for capturing another one of those gorgeous sunsets out there, back-lighting an equally gorgeous mustang! Pretty photo, TJ!

16 09 2016
Kathryn Wilder

Thank the gods and you for these healthy horses! Without your dedicated use of PZP and successful partnership with BLM, we would be facing another roundup and sending more Spring Creek Basin mustangs into captivity. I have heard people say PZP won’t work in HMAs that are too large; I’ve heard them say it won’t work in HMAs that are too small. I’ve heard them claim it is irreversible. I’ve also been privileged to observe for myself many healthy herds in several states where PZP is being implemented successfully, and I applaud those women out there working closely with BLM and the Science and Conservation Center to control fertility and keep mares and ranges healthy so that we can continue to experience views like the ones you share with us!

18 09 2016

Many, many people – including you, Kat! – work hard to keep our mustangs wild and free on their home ranges, and kudos to all of those folks … because IT’S WORKING. 🙂

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