Sandy, sunny spot

8 09 2016

Hayden rolling in sand.

Sandy spots make excellent spots in which to roll!

I didn’t realize my seat on the ground was going to be a front-row seat until Hayden walked over, pawed and lowered himself to the ground, then enjoyed a thorough roll – on both sides. He seemed to enjoy it very much … and so did I!



4 responses

8 09 2016

I always found it amazing that these large horses could get down, roll, kick, roll over and get up and shake. They do look like it is pure enjoyment.

8 09 2016

TJ, what a gift to add to your amazing photos, thanks Hayden!! love the light on his handsome face!!

8 09 2016
Sue Story

One of Hayden’s “beauty secrets” I’m sure! Wish a roll in the dirt would make me look that good! Nice shot TJ.

13 09 2016
Lynn and Kathy

I really like this kind of photo! Nice job of telling a “story” with the camera! Sorry for lack of comments lately – been on the road for some time out here in the Northern Rockies…

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