When the light …

28 08 2016


There’s a commercial on TV these days talking about time … “since the beginning of time, there’s never been enough time …” or something to that effect. And since the beginning of time, there has been light. There’s the biblical kind, I suppose … but with the spin of this ol’ ball through space, around our life-source, the sun, light comes and goes, every day … sometimes more, sometimes less, but every single day.

That seems to be as simple a concept as keeping wild horses wild. If only it were that simple – and as easily obtainable.

Photographers chase it – the light – and interesting subjects to photograph IN that light. To me, there’s nothing more beautiful than beautiful light illuminating a beautiful mustang in her beautiful home.

We seek beauty; she seeks to continue her wild, free way of life. In seeking beauty, hopefully we may preserve it till the end of time.



3 responses

28 08 2016

Great deep thoughts. And Each day is special as I age, I make an attempt to count my blessings with a quiet moment.

28 08 2016

So grateful to see this beauty daily! Thanks so much for sharing with us TJ!

28 08 2016
Sue Story

Nothing to say but amen. And like Pat, as I grow old now, I pay attention to everything, including the light, WAY more closely than I used to! Such a good photo, TJ.

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