Happy anniversary, Mom & Dad!

16 08 2016

Comanche and Kestrel

My mom and dad met as high schoolers (different schools), showing horses. Through Ohio State University (Dad) and Akron City Hospital (Mom’s nursing school), through 20 years as an officer with the U.S. Army (domestically and overseas) and as a nurse in many of those locations, we had horses in as many places as possible.

Their love for each other and their love of horses has been present throughout my life and my brother’s. And their love of all of us – and themselves! – continues. 🙂

Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad!




4 responses

16 08 2016

Happy Anniversary to the lucky couple to have worked to make love work. And what a loving witness to them.

16 08 2016
Sue Story

Happy anniversary to your parents, TJ. You are a testament to how special they are!

29 08 2016

Missed this post before, so I hope better late than never! Thank you, Tracey! We have many wonderful memories and plan for many more! We are fortunate to have raised 2 such great kids!

29 08 2016

We’re fortunate to have been raised by such great parents. 🙂 I love ya’ll!

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