Happy birthday, Dad!

10 08 2016


Happy birthday to my dad, who is a most awesome dad! He and my mom are totally responsible (to blame) for my utter addiction to horses. I don’t see them often enough, but at Thanksgiving, we’ll spend some time together and ride some horses together, and I’m looking forward to that holiday of gratitude.

In the meantime, have a beautiful, wild, wonderful birthday, Dad!




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10 08 2016

Happy Birthday to your Dad. It’s a good thing the horses love bug hit you and you found the perfect place in the world!

10 08 2016
Prairie girl

Aw yes. Birthday greetings to your pop.
He’s gotta be just so proud of the woman you’ve become, TJ.
Enjoy this day! (Hey, maybe it’ll rain!) :))

10 08 2016
Kathryn Wilder

Hugs and Happy Birthday wishes to you, Dad, and big thank yous from me and ALL the mustangs in Disappointment Valley (as if I can speak for them) for giving us TJ!!!!!

10 08 2016
Sue Story

A shout out to your Dad on his birthday, TJ and a thank you to him for giving you your love of horses! He has to be so proud of you as you have become what you are: an influential advocate for and the photographer extraordinaire of the Spring Creek Basin mustangs!

10 08 2016

Thank you all for your birthday wishes to my dad! 🙂 He’s a pretty terrific guy. I’m not biased!

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