The face of wisdom

7 08 2016


Bounce, one of Spring Creek Basin’s grand old elders, is showing his age. He’s a lieutenant stallion for a younger (much younger) stallion, so he’s in good company to enjoy these summer days.

Oh, if he could talk … the stories he’d surely tell …




6 responses

7 08 2016

What a great looking guy!!!

7 08 2016
Karen Schmiede

He looks like a wise old elder.

7 08 2016
Sue Story

A salute to you beautiful lieutenant! I love your “face” photos, TJ.

7 08 2016

That must be the truth, wisdom of letting the younger one be in charge. Learning from others is valuable.

7 08 2016
Karen Keene Day

Bounce is one of the Spring Creek Basin mustangs I have known and loved for a long time. Watching him I’ve learned how his positive energy has influenced the other mustangs over the years. Painting him I can feel his calm dignity.
This picture of Bounce is a joy to see.
Thank you TJ

8 08 2016
Kathryn Wilder


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