27 07 2016

Cottontail rabbit in Spring Creek Basin

Hippity hoppity! This little cottontail held its ground as a band trailed through a wide arroyo on a summer evening, and that made it a perfect subject for a bunny portrait. 🙂



5 responses

27 07 2016
Prairie girl

He’s a real cutie, isn’t he!
I see a lot of jack’s out with the horses, too. I think they like each others company! 😉

27 07 2016


27 07 2016
Sue Story

I love how bunnies just freeze in “you don’t see me” mode whenever they perceive motion in their periphery! So cute. Great catch, TJ.

27 07 2016
Karen Schmiede

Cute little bunny!

27 07 2016

I love the bunnies! I have one special one I tell to not go out on the road.

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