Hot summer nights

8 07 2016


Our weather has returned to normal – warm and dry and nary a rain cloud in sight. The gnats also have returned, spurred on by that previous wet weather and some still-damp places in the appreciative soil (if the soil isn’t exaaaactly appreciative, the rest of us are!).

But this is summer in wild places, and we appreciate also these long, lovely evenings – more time in the wild with our wild things.




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8 07 2016

beautifully peaceful,thank you TJ

8 07 2016

Basking in summer sun’s glow.

8 07 2016
Maggie Frazier

My first time here! What a breath of fresh air to hear about a herd that actually is doing well – with no roundups for 5 years! This is the kind of “management” that works! I realize there are many groups/organizations that are dead set against PZP – but at some point they have to realize that if there are going to be any wild ones left outside of feedlots – people have to step forward like you have and BE THERE! Easy for me to say – I live in NY! Seeing the pictures & videos of these roundups breaks my heart – the same way it affects all of us. Hopefully, all the wild horse advocates will realize – we have to pull together at some point!
Anyway – great job, beautiful pictures & keep up the good work.

8 07 2016

Thanks, Maggie! Most advocacy groups working toward good, sustainable management of wild horses and burros are supportive of PZP; there’s really only one group opposed to it. Keeping wild horses (and burros) wild on their home ranges is of utmost importance, and we’re getting it done here with the help of our BLM guys. That has been a long road … but because of that, it’s even more important to emphasize that we now have a good partnership. Thank you again for your appreciation and support – all the way from New York! 🙂

11 07 2016
Carol Davis

You have a wonderful program there for the wild horses.. Unfortunate other herds are not as fortunate thought congress years ago passed. Laws to protect them?

11 07 2016

Yes, the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act (1971). In fairness, BLM also is tasked with protecting the rangeland – including that on which the horses and burros live and depend. There are a lot of factors at play. We’re fortunate here to have worked hard to achieve a good partnership with our BLM staff, and our mustangs benefit!

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