Happy Father’s Day!

19 06 2016


To all our dads, thank you for your guidance and protection and education and support – and everything else you have given us to make us who we are. Hopefully we are people who pay all those attributes forward, to our own children and/or to the people (and animals) around us.

To my dad: Thank you for being my dad. I couldn’t have a better one. 🙂 I love you!



6 responses

19 06 2016

Sweet! I remember sitting in the garage/shop watching my Dad work. He was a carpenter and he worked hard. Blessings to him.

19 06 2016

Amen! My dad’s gift was teaching me to appreciate the wild things and nature.

19 06 2016
Sue Story

I agree, TJ. Thank you for this moment to remember our dads and for your beautiful mustang picture to go with it.

19 06 2016

Thanks, TJ, for bringing back sweet memories and loads of gratitude.

19 06 2016
Kathryn Wilder

I remember watching my dad drink, but then he also taught me how to stop. Much love to him and to my other father, Ed, both of them gone in the same year. And to Ken, father of my grandchildren, much gratitude. Also to TJ’s dad for giving us her!!!

20 06 2016

I loved reading about some of your dads! 🙂 Their gifts to us are long lasting!

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