Whaaat, already?!

9 04 2016

Aspen - and gnats


Just in case you thought you still had time to visit Spring Creek Basin and beat the gnats …  too late. 🙂 They’re really not biting yet, though. …




5 responses

9 04 2016
Prairie girl

I’d put up with gnats to spend a day with your horses. 😉

9 04 2016

It must have warmed up quickly for the little buggers to ‘bloom’. I saw them here (East Coast) a month or so ago, but recent cold weather and rain has knocked them back to ground.

9 04 2016
Kathryn Wilder

Maybe it’s just little snow!

9 04 2016
Sue Story

Cedar gnats TJ? The bane of my existence while working in the garden. Poor mustangs if they have to put up with those things too!

9 04 2016
Pat Amthor

No, too early for gnats! Stop it!

Poor horses and people!

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