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30 03 2016

Maia and Houdini


Yesterday would have been the first day of the annual two-day work project for University of Missouri students to continue work on Spring Creek Basin’s southeastern boundary during alternative spring break.

But it snowed!

Interestingly enough, the nearly-all-day snowfall (snowblow?) left a grand total of … nada. 🙂 None of it stuck! The howling wind blew it somewhere between diagonally and horizontally, but the ground did end up a tiny bit damp, so it had to have done some good in the moisture category (?!).

Coming tomorrow: this year’s Mizzou crew, tackling the next section of boundary fence!



4 responses

30 03 2016
Prairie girl

TJ, you can have some of my snow…
Woke up to 14 inches and it’s suppose to snow all day long still!
Wyoming is such a hoarder! Lol

30 03 2016

Ooooh – I’ll take some! We’re not greedy … we don’t need more than a few inches of good, wet stuff. Send it by MNM – Ma Nature Mail! 🙂 Thanks!!

30 03 2016
Pat Amthor

Today should be a better day for the students to work in the Basin. It is a joy to know that the SJMA keeps this worthwhile trip to the West. The work they do is valuable for the safety of the horses.

30 03 2016

It’s definitely an excellent program that benefits lots of areas of public lands in Southwest Colorado – including Spring Creek Basin and its mustangs. We are always grateful for the work the kids do – especially on this fence project to keep our mustangs safe!

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