28 03 2016

Hollywood and Maia


Hollywood finds comfort in Maia’s embrace.

She actually just walked into that position, and apparently it was easier for him to tuck his face into her shoulder than shift to get out of her way. 🙂



7 responses

28 03 2016

I’m going with comfort, I need a little of that today! ! Thanks TJ

28 03 2016
Pat Amthor Good

Excuse me, please. I love that. Just stand close for a moment.

28 03 2016
Karen Schmiede

How cute!

28 03 2016
Sue Story

Awwww. This is so heartwarming, and Maia’s expression, as they say, “priceless.”

28 03 2016
Lynn and Kathy

Great “story” shot! Love it!! 🙂

29 03 2016
Kathryn Wilder

With his eye and ear on you. Too sweet!

30 03 2016

I love how physical horses are at displaying emotion. Hollywood needed a hug and Maia obliged.

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