Just a wee bit …

26 03 2016


… windy.

That’s not a swish of Skywalker’s tail; that’s the wind blowing it sideways.

Those snow-covered ridges in the far background are far away, indeed. They contribute water to their watershed(s), but it doesn’t reach Spring Creek Basin. We’re crossing fingers and hooves again for moisture to dampen the dust raised and scattered by the wind.



7 responses

26 03 2016

Praying right along with you.

26 03 2016
Sue Story

Snow here this morning TJ, 2 inches worth. Hope that awful wind yesterday also brought some snow to you and the mustangs. Love handsome Skywalker looking all rakish in the wind.

26 03 2016

Will be praying for Spring rain for you all! Thank you TJ for the photo of Skywalker, always great to know he is well! !

26 03 2016
Kathryn Wilder

Ha–you got your wish! Thanks for the pics this morning of your whitewashed world!

26 03 2016

Crazy wonderful surprise! 🙂 It melted quickly, but Ma Nature is trying valiantly to give us some more. 🙂 Hope all is white and wonderful in Denali!

26 03 2016
Pat Amthor

Just look at the boy! Getting very grey , standing in the wind. I remember when I named him years ago at the Wild Horse Count and I am still thrilled to see pictures of him.


26 03 2016
Kathryn Wilder

I think of you every time I see that boy, Pat! Probably think of you every time I’m in the basin anyway. Did TJ tell you we got to show off and use the gate you and Frank and Carol installed? A proud moment!

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