5 03 2016


Winona bit off a big bite of snakeweed, and was trying to maneuver it into a chewable portion while watching the other horses of her band a short distance away. Her funny face is a reminder to not take things seriously *all* the time. 🙂




4 responses

5 03 2016

Is snakeweed prickly? It always amazes me how flexible horse and donkey lips are. What a great face!!!

5 03 2016

It’s not too prickly, but they don’t generally don’t eat it too much when they have other, more tasty forage available (so it’s mostly a winter thing). But it’s not very compact, so they have to chew it a little into manageable pieces. 🙂

5 03 2016
Sue Story

Love that lip…and the face that goes with it!

5 03 2016

Funny pony. 🙂

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