Golden glow – and a plea

13 01 2016

Sundance, Spring Creek canyon

One side of Sundance reflects the golden glow of late light off the recognizable walls of Spring Creek canyon while the other side reflects the shadowed blue light of fresh snow. Love.


However, on yet another side, there’s nothing to love about BLM’s ridiculous and continuing notion that spaying mares and gelding stallions is the way to “solve” its wild-horse-and-burro “overpopulation problem.” (Though at least we finally seem to have gotten the agency to acknowledge that it doesn’t have an overpopulation problem, it has a reproduction issue (!?).)

Tomorrow – Jan. 14, 2016 – is the last day to comment on BLM’s plan for White Mountain Herd Management Area’s mustangs. Read more and add your personalized comments via American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign’s website.

Read more about the issue on Rachel Reeves’ excellent blog and Carol Walker’s excellent blog. In fact, read these first, then use the link to AWHPC’s site to comment – or follow information from Rachel’s and Carol’s blogs to email your comments directly to BLM.

Fortunately, here in Colorado’s Spring Creek Basin and Little Book Cliffs and Sand Wash Basin, BLM managers listen to their advocates and have implemented ongoing PZP programs to limit (not stop) reproduction for the benefit of the mustangs on these ranges. BLM in other places – including in Wyoming! – also have figured out the benefits of PZP.

It’s really impossible to understand how these successes aren’t translating within the agency. Which means other factors – political reasons, anyone!? – are contributing factors, and given BLM’s (public) “best science” policy, politics should not have any place in its management and protection of our wild horses and burros.




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