7 01 2016


Corona is looking healthy and relaxed in the late afternoon.


Her visitors also were very calm and peaceful.

What? You don’t see them??

Elk in Spring Creek Basin.

Let’s zoom in.

It’s hard to estimate their numbers, but they may have been over AML. šŸ™‚

There were quite a few more than shown in this image as the herd stretched out across one of the upper hillsides above Spring Creek canyon. The basin is a welcome wintering ground for mule deer and elk. When the snow in the high(er) country is very deep, these animals become our close neighbors again. After the pressures of hunting season, we’re happy to welcome them!



5 responses

7 01 2016
Sue Story

Cool TJ, the Spring Creek Basin version of find the hidden objects in the picture!

8 01 2016


8 01 2016

What a blessing to see all those animals in the Basin. The land is healthy with the number of horses grazing and the correct number are managed with PZP, right!? Such a blessing.

8 01 2016

Right! A blessing, indeed!

8 01 2016

Brilliant. This must have been a gorgeous sight.

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