Welcome, 2016!

1 01 2016

Spring Creek Basin

Looking forward. 🙂

As Prairie Girl said in her comments yesterday, never give up fighting for those you love. We pray for peace, and we will be active in making it happen for our beloved horses.

For our mesteños, we are motivated by love and gratitude.



4 responses

1 01 2016

Happy New Year TJ!!! Thank you again for all you do for the wild ones!

1 01 2016
Prairie girl

Thank you TJ.
For everything. (Remember, you are my hero) 😉
I’m feeling confident and more determined than ever to help strengthen and make better, the wild horse’s future.
I truly believe a lot more people are aware and on board with what WE ALL need to do to keep as many wild horses wild.
Come on 2016….we can DO this!

1 01 2016
Kathryn Wilder

And so we begin the new year, with thirst and fire–the desire to do right by these great creatures, the passion to carry us forward in that work. I mua!

1 01 2016
Prairie girl

Yes!!!!! Thank you. 🙂

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