30 12 2015


Coyotes were singing back and forth as the snow rolled in again. While the mustangs seem to ignore the canines most of the time, this particular time, they seemed very aware of the caroling and who was doing it.




8 responses

30 12 2015

Beautiful! I love the pink upper lip and grey lower lip. I looks like this horse (Comanche?) is deep in thought about the coyotes conversation.

30 12 2015

That’s Terra … but coincidentally, Comanche is coming …! 🙂

30 12 2015
Prairie girl

Are you singing to the horses again, TJ? 😉

30 12 2015

Well, I admit it. I sing Christmas carols to them year round! And a fair bit of Dave Stamey. 🙂 (The horses are the only ones who appreciate (or at least don’t complain about) my singing!)

30 12 2015
Kathryn Wilder

Love those ponies, love that band :-).

30 12 2015

Yes. 🙂

30 12 2015
Lin Kerns

I agree with puller9! Look at the intelligence such a look from Comanche expresses. He is definitely mulling over matters at hand.

30 12 2015

She (Terra) is the alpha mare for this band, and her mother is an old, wise, wonderful mustang mare. Always alert. 🙂

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