Grey on white

20 12 2015

Chrome in the snow.

Chrome looks after his mares during a sunny, snowy day in Spring Creek Basin.




5 responses

20 12 2015
Sue Story

Everyone who advocates for wild horses always says you never forget your “first one”, and for me, the first wild mustang I ever saw was Chrome. He will always be so special to me, even more so now that I know his name!

20 12 2015

It’s so true. I still feel that thrill when I find my beloved Grey, now an elder bachelor. Their hold on our hearts never diminishes … only grows!

20 12 2015
Sue Story

That the “hold on our hearts…only grows” is so very true TJ, and thank you for this absolutely wonderful photo of “my” beautiful Chrome.

21 12 2015
Prairie girl

I cannot get over that mane!!!!
I love Chrome. 🙂

22 11 2016
Kathryn Wilder

An utterly gorgeous, glorious boy! I hope to see him on my birthday again this year. And thank you so much for posting him on my birthday last year–I know you know he is my first love among mustang stallions. That will never change.

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