3 12 2015

Skywalker and S'aka

Oh, those boys! S’aka gives pal Skywalker a wraparound hug in the last moments of daylight on a brisk evening.




5 responses

3 12 2015
Puller Lanigan

Little S’aka looks just like the little Mustang at a stable where my friend keeps her mare!! Belle is 3. 🙂 How old is S’aka? Skywalker just gets prettier and prettier with each year. Will he grey out completely? Two gorgeous boys!

3 12 2015

S’aka also is 3. He’s a tiny little guy – but don’t tell him that! He thinks he’s as big as his pals. 🙂 Where did your friend’s mustang come from? Skywalker definitely will continue to grey out with age. Some day, you won’t be able to tell that he’s a grey pinto!

3 12 2015
Karen Schmiede

How cute!

3 12 2015

They definitely are. I love to see them showing affection to each other!

6 12 2015

We can all take lessons from the young bachelors on how to enjoy each other! Where did that little black yearling with his amazing white blaze go?? What a handsome bachelor he has become. How is Raven?

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