The view

4 11 2015


That guy. That grass. That valley. That hill.

That view.





4 responses

4 11 2015

All beautiful!

4 11 2015
Sue Story

Okay TJ, which guy is this! Still think you should design trading cards with mustang pictures so we can learn all the players. It was fun to meet you, and also Kathryn and the tireless BLM guys. Our old Toyota truck got us home, but he is currently in the shop, and we are grounded for a bit! Thank you for answering all of our endless questions.

5 11 2015

Endless questions about the mustangs lead to endless stories about the mustangs! 🙂 They are endlessly fascinating! It was really great to meet you and Dennis and to introduce you to our BLM guys Mike and Garth. Here’s to many more visits to the basin in your *fixed* Toyota!

5 11 2015
Kathryn Wilder

It was great to meet you, as well, Sue. This is Storm. Yes, we are so lucky to have such a great herd manager in Mike Jensen, and his backup, Garth and Justin. Glad you made it home okay!

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