Only a thousand?

19 10 2015

Chrome's band under the rainbow.

Because a million words wouldn’t cover the range of joy and love I feel for these mustangs of Spring Creek Basin.

Every. Single. Day.




6 responses

19 10 2015

… and TJ, they are blessed to have you as a companion and advocate. Thanks for all you do for the beautiful nature you share and live with!!

19 10 2015
George W Doerre

And you bring that joy and love here so that we can
feel at least a small part of it. And for that TJ I thank
you again. gwd


19 10 2015
Kathryn Wilder

Chrome must be the pot of gold under the rainbow? The visible members of his band look utterly gorgas (you know what I mean), the rainbow is stunning, and the place and the package of it all together, well, I don’t have words enough, either. Mahalo na skua.

19 10 2015
Kathryn Wilder

Akua. Can’t edit backwards here, can I?

19 10 2015
Lynn and Kathy


19 10 2015


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